• Skins are unique outfits that the Commander can use, and that by League 4, will give special Powers to the Commander.
  • Skins can be mainly obtained through the Seasons feature, by completing the Season board as a Season pass holder. Skins from previous Seasons can be purchased in the Shop and sourced through special events.

Skin Powers
  • Skins belong to one of three classes: Inventor, Protector and Warlord, which also determine the skin's role in battle.
  • Skins can give the Commander a passive Power that derives from the skin's class, and a Special power that is unique to that particular skin.
  • Skins can be upgraded to make them more powerful and to unlock new skin Powers.
  • In order to upgrade a Skin, players must collect Threads that belong to the skin's class. Once enough Threads are collected, players can spend coins to upgrade the Skin to the next level.
  • Skins have 8 levels in total.