Club Roles
  • As a Club Leader you can assign different roles to player in your club by promoting or demoting them.
  • Club roles are as follows: Leader, Co-leader, Officer, Member.
  • To do so, open your Club Profile (in the Social Tab) and select the player you wish to Promote.

Club Invites
  • You will be able to invite players to a Closed club as long as you are a Club Leader, a Co-Leader or an Officer. You can do so from their player profile, or by selecting them from a list such as your friends or the Leaderboards. If your Club is Open, anyone can invite people to the club. Be aware that if the other player is already in a club, he will not be able to join your club.

Inactive Clubs
  • You will need to start a new Club if your Club Leader is inactive and you wish to have leadership. Club Leadership comes with responsibilities so make sure that if you are a Club Leader, you don't abandon your fellow clubmates.