Enchanted Skies is a mini game where players can win prizes. The mini game meter for Enchanted Skies will appear when you reach Level 8.

Earn items to move the game meter. Items are worth one point, and rare items are worth ten points. When you have earned enough points the mini game meter will fill up. Once activated you will be able to access the Enchanted Skies mini game from the Round Results screen.

Prop items count towards meter, as do normal game round items and item event items. Villain, Clear, Food Fight, Survival bombs do not count towards the Enchanted Skies meter.

There are three rounds of nine chests in the minigame. Use keys to open these chests, which will contain prizes.

Players can continue playing by obtaining additional keys for Gems, 3 Keys for 20 Gems. After Round 1 the price for obtaining additional Keys will increase by 10 Gems each round.

Some chests contain multipliers that will multiply all remaining chest prizes by that multiplier. When you gain additional multipliers after the first it will increase by one number.

Round 2 and Round 3 will start with multipliers on all chests automatically.

Please Note: You must update to version 38.1.0 to play this feature.