What Is The Deluxe Wheel?

Whenever you spin the Prize Wheel you will be shown an offer to go to the Deluxe Wheel. The Deluxe Wheel features Premium Prizes and you can spin it by making an in-app purchase to do so. Spin the Deluxe Wheel to earn these Premium Prizes.

Every time the free wheel is spun you may earn a % discount off of the cost to spin the Deluxe Wheel. These can be redeemed by spinning the free wheel up to five times for a grand total of 50% off. Please note that ads availability is still subject to constraints and frequency for free ads may vary by use. You can purchase the Deluxe Prize Wheel as often as you desire, as there are no purchase limits.

You can access the Deluxe Prize wheel after you pass Mission Level 4 on version 45.0.0 or greater.