How is the Food Fight Face-Off Event different from Facebook friend challenge?
While our current food fight feature (Food Fight Friendlies) allows you to play with your Facebook friends who are currently online, our Food Fight Face-Off event pairs you with other players around the world. Participating in Food Fight Friendlies does not cost any lives, but it also does not generate coins or progress on missions. In our Food Fight Face-Off Event, playing will cost you a life and you are awarded a number of prizes for progressing, including an exclusive emoji for completing the event!

What level do I need to be at to play the event?
To play in the event, you must be at least Mission Level 7.

Will high scores in the event count towards my leaderboard or high score missions?
No; during the event you are scoring for most items collected, while the Leaderboard is for high scores.

How many event maps are there?
There are 4 maps during the whole event: Breakfast Brawl, Lunch Rumble, Dinner Melee and Dessert Duel. Complete the current map you are on to unlock and progress to new maps!

What is the objective of the Food Fight Face-Off Event?
The objective is to collect more items than your opponent to win a round in the Food Fight Face-Off Event! Win as many games as possible to earn stars. Collect stars to progress through the event to earn prizes!

How do I win prizes?
Play rounds of Food Fight Face-Off to collect stars and complete each map level. Each map level will have a different prize that varies from Bronze, Silver, Gold Chests.

How many stars can I earn per round?
You will earn stars for every game you play, no matter if you win, tie or lose! If you win a match, you will collect 6 stars! If you tie, both players will collect 3 stars. If you lose, you will collect 2 stars.

Why are some boosts unavailable during the Food Fight Face-Off Event?
Certain boosts, like the Extra Items Boost and Extra Time Boost, are unavailable because they affect match time or item collecting.

What does the new Food Block Boost do?
The Food Block Boost blocks up to three Blitz Items thrown from your opponent.

What does the new Falling Lightning Boost do?
The Falling Lightning Boost drops Lightning Power Ups from the top of the game board throughout the game round.

Which emojis provide Double Stars in this event?
Each map will have different Lucky Emoji that give you Double Stars during the event!

Why are some emojis unavailable during this event?
Certain emojis are not playable in the Food Fight Face-Off Event because they affect the match time or item collecting. These emojis include:
  • Aladdin
  • Chip (Rescue Rangers Chip)
  • Cogsworth
  • Holiday Mickey
  • White Rabbit
Do I have to be connected to the internet to play?
Yes; in order to match up with another player, you must be connected to the internet.

Can I play if I’m not connected to Facebook?
Yes; if you don’t have your game connected to Facebook you will still be able to play live with players from around the world during the event. However, we recommend that you connect your game to Facebook to avoid losing progress.