Keep an eye out for special Villain Events where you can play a special mode to collect items and banish the villain back to their evil lair.

Note: Regular missions will not advance if you have a special event turned on.

How do I join the Villain Event?
When a villain event is open, complete the following to start your battle against evil!
  1. Tap "Play" on either the Villain Event screen or the main home screen.
  2. Tap "Fight" to turn on the special villain mode.
  3. Then tap "Play" at the bottom to start battling the featured villain.
  4. You can turn off villain mode by tapping "Cancel Fight".
How do I defeat the villain?
Collect special objects to use against the featured villain. Match emojis to move the objects to the bottom of the screen. The special objects will be used against the villain after your blitz.

Villains can be quite strong, so we will need to fight them a few times to clear the map. Tap the Prizes button to view the map!