We added an exciting new feature in our latest update (54.4) called Emoji Upgrades!

What are Emoji Upgrades?

The Emoji Upgrades System will allow you to earn "Stardust" and level up your Emojis, earning new Expressions for your Emojis that you will see during gameplay.

What Prizes can I earn?

In addition to unlocking new expressions for your favourite Emojis, you will earn progression prizes as you advance your Emoji Upgrade along the progress path.

How does it work?

For specific Emojis the Emoji Upgrade track will be present, and when you collect a Duplicate Emoji of that particular character, it will help to unlock that Emoji's Upgrade track.

Get Stardust from completing certain Missions to progress along this track and earn prizes along the way!

When you complete an Emoji Upgrade track you will unlock a new expression for that Emoji. Once an Emoji Expression is unlocked, it will begin to appear on your game board when that Emoji is present in-round.

Complete all the Emoji Upgrade tracks for a given Emoji to earn all of the possible Expressions it can have!