UPDATED 2/15/2024: We have released a fix version for Emoji Blitz, please update your game. Users with the Samsung Galaxy S24 device should now also see Emoji Blitz in the Google Play Store once more.



UPDATED 2/13/24: We have had to delist the S24 from the Play Store due to the overwhelming crash rates. We are continuing to work with the device type to understand why this happens and will relist the device when we are confident we have isolated the issue with a fix.


We are aware that players adopting the new Samsung Galaxy S24 are experiencing crashing at an unexpected and unusual rate.

We are working on understanding why this is happening and will make any adjustments we can to help; it is anecdotally evident that this particular device model seems to have issues with other non Jam City apps. It may also be prudent to contact Samsung technical support to report the matter.