The Sticker event runs from the first to the last day of every month, and awards Coins for completing Sticker Collections.

Stickers Packs can be earned be completing daily Missions, as seen in the Missions menu found on the right side of the main screen.  Up to three Sticker Packs are available to collect each day in this away, increasing in rarity as each are collected.  Alternatively, Sticker Packs can be included with Shop packages and Special Offers.

Each Sticker Pack collected will include a random assortment of Stickers, with at least one guaranteed to be of the same rarity as the pack itself.  Duplicate Stickers can be recycled to earn points toward additional Free Play tickets; the higher the rarity of the Sticker, the more points it is worth.

When a Sticker Collection is completed, the rewards will be received on the game account immediately.  Once all Collections are completed, the bonus rewards will also be received.