Game progress in Solitaire Showtime is primarily saved to the device itself. This means it can still be accessed and played while the device does not have an internet connection. However, it also means game progress can be lost if the game App is removed.

Linking the game account to a Facebook profile, Google ID, or Apple ID, will provide an easily accessible backup in case the game App is lost, or you need to transfer the game account to a new device. This can be done by selecting the button for the desired platform on the title screen or in the game’s Settings menu.

To recover or transfer the game account, simply open the game App and sign into the linked platform while the device has a stable online connection; the game should detect the existing progress and give you the option to recover it.

Please note: the game is designed with the assumption of one game account for one user. Linking a game account to multiple Facebook/Google/Apple profiles, or more than one game account to a single profile, may cause game progress to be overwritten or lost.