The Jackpot Minigame is accessed by earning a special Key, which is awarded when completing a specific Daily Goal!

The Daily Goal to receive the Key to the Jackpot Minigame specifically can be found toward the bottom of the Daily Goals screen, and is a Goal centered around playing Jackpot rounds - the reward will show a key icon to the right.

Once you collect the Keys, the Jackpot Minigame will trigger automatically when you return to the lobby.

​Jackpot rounds can be found in the High Rollers pathway, and will be marked  "JACKPOT!" below the Stage name. In order order for your game rounds to count towards this goal, you must have at least one gold Jackpot Card in play. For more information about Jackpot Cards, click HERE.

The number of Keys you earn reflects the prize payouts in the Minigame and not the number of plays. The more tickets you redeem, the higher the prizes in the Minigame.

For more information on how to access your Goals, please see the Daily, Weekly & Special Goals section.