Play for Jackpots in the High Rollers pathway! Each Jackpot tier is unlocked based on the number of cards you play, and you'll need to place a high enough bet to be eligible for the Jackpot. In your Bingo round, you'll get one Golden Card per 4 cards played.

Below is an example of all the unlocked Jackpot tiers (Mini, Super, Grand). If the Card(s) are greyed out, this means that the Jackpot tier is locked and you won't be able to win the prize.

For every Bingo on a Golden Card, the "Jackpot Spinner" that looks like a slot machine will appear for your chance to win.

Below is an example of the Jackpot Spinner in play after winning a Bingo on a Golden Card.
There are 3 reels on the Spinner. All 3 reels must line up with the correct symbols to win the corresponding Jackpot:
  • Three Cherries: Mini Jackpot
  • Three Golden Cherries: Super Jackpot
  • Three 7's: Grand Jackpot
A single spin can award any type of Jackpot as long as it's unlocked during your Bingo round. For example, if you get three Golden Cherries lined up (Super Jackpot) but you only had the Mini Jackpot tier unlocked for the Bingo round, you won't be able to collect the Super Jackpot prize.

Good luck, High Rollers!