Welcome to Seasonal Bingo Battles!

Look for this icon in the Bingo lobby to access Bingo Battles!

Unlock and explore as many Lands as you can in the Bingoverse! Build and upgrade special Monuments on your Land to receive HUGE prizes!

You'll need "Monument Points" to build and upgrade your Monuments. Each Monument can be upgraded 5 times (5 stars). Once you max out all of the Monuments to a 5-star rank on your Land, you'll receive HUGE rewards AND you'll be able to advance to the next new and exciting Land for MORE rewards!

Watch out! It's a battle between other players! You can attack another player's Land Monuments for points and they can do the same. Defend your Land from being attacked by using Shields.

Complete as many Lands as you can during the Season for your chance to win more Prizes from the Leaderboards!