What happened to Bingoverse and Monument Points? I don't see it in my game anymore.
As scheduled, the last season of Bingo Battles/ Bingoverse ended on Monday, September 19, 2022. Bingo Battles is currently unavailable in the game but may return in the future!

Why are my accumulated Monument Points decreasing randomly?
If you don't have any Monuments built on your Land or if if all your Monuments are destroyed down to the lowest tier, players can attack your Monument Points directly! This means that your accumulated Monument Points will be taken by the attacking Players. Make sure to get those Shields!

Will my Monument Points carry over to the next Season?
It will not! Monument Points earned during a Season will only be available for the Season you collected it in. Once a new Season begins, everyone will start fresh!

Why did my progress reset?
This is a seasonal event that is available for a limited time only. Once the countdown timer in the event screen reaches 0, the event will end and your progress will be reset when the next one begins.