Check out all of the power-ups that are currently available in Frozen Free Fall:

Winter Levels

  • Ice Picks: Breaks 1 ice crystal (unlocked at level 6)
  • Snowballs: Gives 5 extra moves (unlocked at level 7)
  • Anna's Torch: Breaks 8 connecting tiles of the your choice by swiping across them (unlocked at level 8)
  • Elsa's Glacier: Breaks all ice crystals of the same color (unlocked at level 9)
  • Hourglass: Gives 15 extra seconds (unlocked at level 16)
  • Pabbie's Troll Magic: Gives a random unlocked power-up (unlocked at level 24)
  • Hans' Sword: Breaks any set of tiles by swiping across them (unlocked at level 42)
  • Kristoff's Ice Axe: Breaks 6 random ice crystals (unlocked at level 81)
  • Sven's Carrot: Breaks 9 random blocker tiles (unlocked at level 92)
  • Olaf's Hot Chocolate: Melts any tile and all tiles below it (unlocked at level 111)
  • Troll Roll: Destroys two rows of ice crystals (unlocked at level 201)

Summer Levels

  • Olaf's Peek-A-Boo: Allows you to make as many matches as possible without losing moves in a limited amount of time (unlocked at level 32)
  • Olaf's Sneeze: Find all 10 flower collectibles and receive this power-up to clear the entire board

Christmas Levels

  • Olaf's Gift: Transforms five random normal tiles into special tiles (unlocked at level 92) top

New Year Levels

  • Olaf's Blow Out: Converts five normal ice crystals into iceberg power-ups (unlocked at level 137) Try two for free!

Valentine Levels

  • Olaf's Melting Heart: Creates a heart that will melt all ice crystals inside it (unlocked at level 182)

Note: If you receive a Glacier power-up in the Daily Rewards, it goes toward a collection of power-ups that are available for all characters, not just Elsa!