Players can link their games to a Jam City ID account to save progress and play the same game across multiple devices. Also, players will be able to use multiple accounts using different email addresses after link to Jam City ID.

To sign up for Jam City ID:

1. When you first update to version 9.1.1 or higher, a "Login to Jam City ID" button will appear in the map. You can also find the "Login to Jam City ID" button in the Options.

2. Tapping the button will bring up to the login page. Tap "Register" to create a new account.

3. To create a Jam City ID account, you will need to use a valid email address.

4. Type in an email address to receive a verification code.

5. A verification code will appear in your email's inbox. If you have not received it, please be sure to check your Spam inbox.

6. After going back to the Frozen Free Fall app, type in the verification code. After, your Jam City account will be created.

7. To verify that your game is properly connected to a Jam City ID account, an "ID Connected" button will appear in the Settings.

Congratulations, you're all set!