During your rounds of Bingo Infinity, 3 random Power Ups will be drawn and put into play.

The 3 Powerups players receive in Bingo Infinity will be granted at random; there is no way to receive a specific Powerup, it's all up to the luck of the draw!

Every 6 numbers that are called will result in one of your random Powerups heading out onto your Cards. Since rounds start with 30 Calls, you'll see a Powerup head out when there are 24 Calls remaining, 18 Calls remaining, and 12 Calls remaining. After the third Powerup heads out you will not receive any further Powerups.

Power Ups can have an immediate effect on the round, or add additional bonuses that you can collect when you daub Bingo cards. Getting the right Power Up at the right time can provide a significant advantage at getting a Bingo!