Daubers in Bingo Infinity will have an XP Boost available. This means you'll get a bonus to the Experience Points (XP) you're earning in your rounds, which will allow you to level up more quickly and unlock new rooms to play in!

To access your Daubers page, please tap the 3-horizontal line button in the upper left corner of the Bingo Infinity home screen, and select the User Profile options. Along the top of the screen that appears, you’ll be able to select the Daubers option to view and equip your daubers.

This Daubers page will show your Dauber Sets, and the progress made on each Set will appear as percentages completed; pick one of your Dauber Sets with a percentage above 0% to view Daubers available to equip within the set.
Any duplicate Daubers you find will work towards leveling that Dauber up, and increasing the total XP Boost provided!