We have made the difficult decision to sunset Bingo Infinity. As of January 24th, in-app purchases have been disabled and the game will no longer be available for download in the app stores (Google Play and Apple App Store). Players who already have the game installed on their devices can continue to play. With that in mind, uninstalling the game from your device will result in loss of game access.

After February 14th, we will stop supporting the game and the game will only be available to play in offline mode
Update: We have extended support for our online game features past the initial announced date of February 14th. Please note, while the extension is present, the game can go offline at any moment without additional notice.
Final update (2024-03-11): The game is now offline which means that it can only be played in offline mode for those that still have the app installed on their devices.

"B4" we say farewell, thank you to all our players for coming on this adventure with us! If you'd like to continue the Bingo journey together, please check out Bingo Pop.