Our team is able to solve many bugs quickly, but some issues require a bit more investigation and time to find a solution. Below, you will find a list of known issues that are being actively worked on. We will update this list on a regular basis to keep you informed.
If you'd like to report a new issue or need to contact Support, please submit a Support ticket in-game or via 


Last updated: 03/14/2024


The team is aware of and is working on a fix for the Incorrect Device Date/Time error displaying.

The team is also aware of an issue with the 30 second ads not giving rewards. At the moment it appears to be an Android specific issue. If you encounter this issue on iOS please let us know.

We are aware that freezing and crashing remains a consistent issue for some players. The team is working tirelessly on this, and is hoping to push fixes for this in a coming update.


We recently pushed some fixes for the issue that is causing loading errors. Please continue to reach out to support or in help-and-support if you encounter this problem.