We’re excited to share some exciting updates with the community. A brand new update has begun its phase rollout and the build will become available gradually to everyone, bringing various features to enhance your experience in DC Heroes & Villains. We’re adding a new Batman variant based on the New 52, The Flash and Supergirl to the character roster, along with various visual, stability improvements and memory optimization. Get ready to face new challenges, and immerse yourself in a new DC Heroes & Villains experience.

Keep reading to learn more about the upcoming changes in Update v1.1.34.

New Characters


  • Batman variant based on the New 52 – Use his Batplane Flyby ability to remove Taunt buffs on all enemies before attacking!
  • The Flash – Utilize the Energy Transmission superpower to deliver a massive attack on your enemies.
  • Supergirl – Perform high powered attacks using Supergirl’s Sun-Powered Punch, and help your team by adding a barrier to an ally with the lowest HP!


Battle Pass Changes


  • Double the tiers before endless track (50 to 100)
  • Put every tier at 200 points (endless included)
  • Value multiplier revisions: Updated Battle Pass values multipliers to include endless tiers rewards


Game Improvements


  • Improved Assault PVP match-up
  • Improved general Match-3 stability and visual effects
  • Improved Visual of Reactants Icons
  • Memory optimization on low-end devices


Bug Fixes:


  • Choice Missions now have a Team Edit button in the pre-battle screen
  • Issue with Daily Bonus rewards not working correctly has been fixed
  • Black screen issue is fixed when the player goes back from the Event Screen after having completed a Battle and going into another Pre-Battle (iOS)
  • Defeat Screen is now always shown and no longer blocks player progression.
  • Softlock has been fixed when attempting to open Trigon’s tooltip in the Living World or Pre-Battle screen
  • Tutorial – Fixed instance where players can break the First Time User Experience flow by tapping on Sector 1 after unlocking Sector 2
  • Fixed issue where the game would freeze when players try to hit “Reboot” after leaving the game idle.


What’s Next:


We wanted to give some visibility on what the community can expect next from the team. Please note that these plans are subject to change at any time.


  • Limited Time In-Game Events
  • New Characters:
  • New Battle Pass
  • The Flash Events & Content