Hello Heroes and Villains!

A new update is just around the corner. Learn about the upcoming Battle Pass season, Undeniable Influence, which introduces a few new collectible characters. We’re also introducing a new way to deliver a powerful attack to your opponents through Group Bonuses. Character balancing, improved in-game features, bug fixes, and more!



NEW! Undeniable Influence Battle Pass

  • The new Battle Pass season will go live on February 28th, bringing you new characters, a chance to earn new rewards, and exclusive limited-time events!

Coming in March 

  • Robin Infinite Frontier – 4 Star, Red, Warrior, Part of the Batman Family
  • Batgirl – 5 Star, Yellow, Amplifier, Part of the Batman Family
  • Batwoman – 5 Star, Red, Sentinel, Part of the Batman Family

Coming later in March:

  • On the brightest day, in the blackest night, secrets buried deep, reveal their green light! Get ready to recruit this character to your squad when they land in the game this March. More information coming soon.


NEW! Group Bonuses:

Introducing the first wave of Unique Group Bonuses for existing teams! Group certain characters on your team to earn unique power-ups to use in battle. The more characters in your group the higher the power up! We hope players will look forward to more groups getting some love in the near future!

  • Batman Family – Batman (Rebirth), Batgirl (Rebirth), Robin (Infinite Frontier), Batwoman
    • 2 members: Each turn, the lowest HP member has a 20% chance to be granted the Stealth buff (3 turns).
    • 3 members: Each turn, the lowest HP member has a 25% chance to be granted the Stealth buff (3 turns).
    • 4 members: Each turn, the lowest HP member has a 33% chance to be granted the Stealth buff (3 turns).
  • Justice League – Cyborg, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, Superman, Batman (New 52)
    • 2 members: Increase Attack (All Colors) and Defense by 5%.
    • 3 members: Increase Attack (All Colors) and Defense by 10%.
    • 4 members: Increase Attack (All Colors) and Defense by 15%.
  • Legion of Doom – Gorilla Grodd, Circe, Cheetah, Parasite, Lex Luthor, Black Manta 
    • 2 members: +1% Attack & Defense stats per buff applied on each Group member.
    • 3 members: +2% Attack & Defense stats per buff applied on each Group member.
    • 4 members: +3% Attack & Defense stats per buff applied on each Group member.
  • Suicide Squad – Amanda Waller, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc, Enchantress, King Shark
    • 2 members: Increase Critical Chance by 5%.
    • 3 members: Increase Critical Chance by 10%.
    • 4 members: Increase Critical Chance by 15%.
  • Titans – Nightwing, Donna Troy
    • 2 members: Increase Dodge Chance by 5%.
  • Birds of Prey – Catwoman, Huntress
    • 2 members: Each time a Group member dodges a Power Move, they gain 10% Power Gauge.

Character Balancing:

  • Black Manta
    • Revised Power Move & Upgrade Effects
      • Old Effect: Each time Black Manta gains a Buff, 50-100% chance to Extend it by +1 turn.
      • New Effect: Each time Black Manta gains a Buff, 10-30% chance to Extend all of his buffs by +1 turn.
  • Batman (New 52)
    • Max Passive Critical Chance bonus was increased from 40% to 60%


Capsule Revamp

Elevate your experience by exploring enhanced excitement and epic rewards with every character capsule pull! 

  • Battle Pass Capsule: New Key, no more 2-star characters, increased odds to pull 3, 4, and 5 star characters! 
  • Premium, Heroes and Villains Capsules: Rebalanced odds for better chances to get top characters! 

Note: All changes shown above will take place on February 28th, 2024

Rewarded Video – V2

  • No more waiting around! Dive back into the action with options to Skip time, gain more energy to conquer challengers faster than ever before. With multiple options, you’re in control ! Watch ads, get rewards, and enjoy a seamless gaming experience on your terms. 


  • Need an extra boost? Dive into the gems shop and engage with our exciting Offerwall! Earn more gems to refresh, pull characters, acquire unique items, and much more. It’s the ultimate way to supercharge your progress and unlock all the amazing experience that DC Heroes & Villains has to offer. Don’t miss out –  start exploring the Offerwall today! 

Store and Sale Refactor V2

  • Store:
    As part of the now revamped shopping experience that puts all your favorite offers right at your fingertips, we’re thrilled to introduce the inclusion of Build Your Own Bundle and Character Upgrade Offer directly in the store! Getting what you want has never been easier, with these exciting options readily available to enhance your gameplay.
  • Item Shop:
    Can’t find what you’re looking for in the shop? No problem! Just hit the Refresh button and unlock a whole new selection of items to satisfy your cravings. It’s shopping made simple! 

A new Raid Boss is coming soon! Stay tuned for more information on our social channels.

Economy Changes

Credits & Metatopes

  • We’ve undertaken a significant revamp of the acquisition mechanics for Credits and Metatopes in the game. Previously, players mostly obtained these currencies while pursuing other rewards, but our aim is for players to make a conscious decision to gather Credits and Metatopes. To achieve this, we’ve restructured their distribution: a portion of these currencies has been removed from the Campaign and Daily Quests and relocated to the Challenges. Consequently, Challenges will now serve as the primary source for replenishing your Credits and Metatopes reserves.
  • Furthermore, we’ll introduce two additional monthly events for you to further enhance your experience. The first event, “Hidden Riches in Paradise,” will be the Credits event and will take place on the first weekend of each month. The second event, “Superpowered Contraband,” will be the Metatope event and will occur on the second weekend. To give you a sneak peek at these new events, we’ll activate them on the first weekend following Update 2.2!

Ranked Assault

  • Upon the introduction of the Ranked Assault game mode we introduced a new currency. After collecting the necessary data we’ve decided to rebalance this currency to better reflect the player experience. We have accordingly undertaken these balancing measures, which are expected to be implemented in Update 2.2. Additionally, the daily limit for purchasing gear capsules will be increased to provide users with enhanced opportunities to utilize this currency effectively.

Guild Rewards

  • We wanted to give players better access to the different gear capsules so we decided to increase the rewards given in weekly chest, most notably more guild credits and more material capsule keys.

Technical changes:

    • Network Call Improvements
      • Improvements to reduce bootstrap time
  • Tutorials now only show spinners for checkpoints
  • Spinners added to Mailbox for fetching of messages, as well as claim


Major bug fixes:

  • Characters
    • Donna Troy’s power move now works as intended during Guild Raids
  • Daily Calendar
    • Login calendar now properly displays title icons
    • Fixed an issue where the wrong format of image was sometimes used
  • Marketplace
    • Refresh timers can no longer be manipulated by changing device time
    • Fixed an issue where the purchase button can lose functionality occasionally when switching between marketplace tabs rapidly
  • Battle
    • Fixed an issue where an infinite loading can happen sometimes after fleeing a battle
  • Events
    • When viewing an event with a mission path on tablet devices, the main hub is no longer visible at the edges
  • Recruitment
    • Fixed some unlocalized text in non-English languages
  • Various stability improvements and minor bug fixes