New Battle Pass Season: The Prophecy 

    • The new Battle Pass season will begin on April 24th, bringing you new challenges, characters, and exclusive rewards! The Battle Pass will now be starting at 15:00 UTC

New Character:

  • ???: 6-star Blue Sentinel, Part of the ??? Group: More info coming soon!

Characters coming in May:

  • Sinestro: 5-star Yellow Sentinel, Part of the Yellow Lantern Corps Group
  • Lyssa Drak: 4-star Yellow Disruptor, Part of the Yellow Lantern Corps Group

Group Bonuses & Character Balancing:

  • Teen Titans
    • 2 members: When a Group member performs a Power Move, fill all other members’ Power Gauges by 5%.
    • 3 members: When a Group member performs a Power Move, fill all other members’ Power Gauges by 10%.
    • 4 members: When a Group member performs a Power Move, fill all other members’ Power Gauges by 15%.
  • Bane
    • Increased max Passive Attack bonus from 10% to 15%
    • Increased max Status Effect durations from 6 to 7 turns
  • Black Manta
    • Increased HP Stat by ~6%
    • Increased Defense Stat by ~5%
    • Increased Attack Stat by ~11%


  • 6-Star Characters:
    Get ready to witness the arrival of a game-changer – the first-ever 6-Star character, a being of cosmic power and unimaginable abilities.

Meet one of the universe’s most powerful entities, rarely seen in combat but possessing the awe-inspiring Omega Effect. With eyes that hold the secrets of eternity, he can unleash beams capable of destruction, teleportation, and even resurrection.

Prepare to be dazzled as this legendary figure enters the fray and get ready to claim your place among the elite, harnessing the unmatched might of this cosmic champion.

How to Acquire the 6-Star Character:

Engage daily by completing all Daily missions to earn a 6-Star Character key. Once you’ve accumulated the required amount, the character becomes obtainable through our Marketplace in the Upgrades tab.

  • Milestones: Prepare for a challenge with the introduction of Milestone! Embark on a journey towards victory as you strive to conquer increasingly demanding thresholds for lucrative rewards.
  • Progressive Challenges: Engage in a single objective, advancing through 5 to 20 steps per Milestone. Each step brings you closer to unparalleled rewards, driving you forward in your quest for triumph.
  • Richer Rewards with Every Step: With each milestone reached, uncover richer and more enticing rewards. Every move counts as you push your limits and strive for victory.
  • Tower of Fate:
    • Lore: The Lords of Chaos have shattered Doctor Fate’s fortress, unleashing waves of alternate realities. Your mission? Ascend the Tower of Fate and conquer chaos itself.
    • Concept: Explore new puzzles and critical thinking challenges as you climb higher. Navigate through obstacles and reach the tower’s “peak” to claim victory against chaos.


  • Gacha key info in odds pop up
    • Problem Statement
      • The more we add gacha types, the more difficult it is to remember where those keys are available in game.
    • Solution
      • Add information about how to acquire the gacha key in the gacha odds popup.
  • Loading Screen Hints
    • Hints added in the Batman/Joker loading screen
  • Level up pop up tap to continue
    • We added a small delay before showing the caption:  “tap to continue”
  • Battle Powermove shader optimization
    • Powermove don’t appear over the pause menu anymore

Major bug fixes:

  • Battle
      • Fixed an issue where autofill would not work in pre-battle when a guest was present
      • Players can no longer spam the autofill button, as the results won’t change. Editing the team will cause the autofill to work again
  • Characters
      • Inmate Leader
        • 6th slot is no longer green and is now functional when this character is obtained via the Battlepass
      • Krypto
        • Fix for his ability that was doing too much when Superman performs a passive move
      • Sinestro
        • Sinestro will no longer leave a vfx trail when being defeated as an enemy
      • Superboy
        • Superboy no longer generates clear tiles via his passive
  • Events
      • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused the art for an event to disappear while navigating between events
  • Gear
      • Fix an issue whereby the equipment screen could become unresponsive
  • Living World
      • Fixed an issue where Metropolis’ map would have a purple tint after accessing the pre-battle screen
  • Mainhub
      • Buttons for features that are locked now properly show that state when the mainhub is loaded
  • Marketplace
      • Store contents now properly refresh when sales start/finish
  • Offers
      • Fix for an issue where sometimes the Character Upgrade Offer would softlock the game
      • Fixed an issue where the user would get rate limited in marking interstitials as viewed, causing repetitive showing of the same interstitial
  • Invite Friends
    • Fixed an issue where the invite friend button stopped working
  • Various stability improvements and minor bug fixes