Hello Heroes and Villains!

Get ready to embrace the cold and prepare for an icy blast of excitement! In this update, you will dive into a new immersive DC story in Themyscira and relive Atlantis, collect new iconic characters, and elevate your team’s strength with an increased player level and gear tier cap. Keep reading for more details on additional character balancing updates, other improvements, and bug fixes!




  • The new Battle Pass will begin on May 22 at 15:00 UTC and will bring new challenges, iconic characters, and exclusive rewards!
  • While we bid farewell to Battle Pass missions, fear not! You can still earn Battle Pass points through Battle Pass Quests and choice missions. We’ve heard you loud and clear, so get ready for a fresh experience as we introduce a new feature, Adventures, offering more opportunities to gather gear and embark on thrilling quests!


Coming in May

  • Mr. Freeze: 4 Star, Blue, Disruptor, Part of the Gotham Underworld Family
  • Deathstroke: 5 Stars, Yellow, Sentinel, Part of the Gotham Underworld Family

Coming in late June

  • Prepare for the arrival of a mysterious vigilante anti-hero new figure, ready to rewrite the rules of combat and challenge the status quo.


Two exclusive events you don’t want to miss!

  • May: Long Live the Bat (more details to be shared soon)
  • June: Summer Festival 


  • The new PvP season will reset and begin on May 29. Good luck, everyone! 


  • Increased to Level 70


  • Increased to Tier 12


Global Stat Changes:

  • All Amplifier and Disruptor characters have +10% Attack Stats
  • All Warrior characters have +18% Attack Stat.
  • All 5+ Star characters have an additional +5% Attack, Defense and HP Stats.

Group Bonuses Buffs [2 members / 3 members / 4+ members]:

  • Justice League
    • Attack & Defense bonus has been doubled, from [5%/10%/15%] to [10%/20%/30%]
  • Batman Family
    • Stealth Chance have been increased from [20%/25%/33%] to [25%/33%/50%]
  • Superman Family
    • Attack & Defense bonus when below 50% HP has been increased from [20%/25%/33%] to [25%/33%/50%]
  • Legion of Doom
    • Attack & Defense bonus per buff increased from [1%/2%/3%] to [5%/10%/15%]
  • Secret Society of Supervillains
    • Effect is now guaranteed and removes [1/2/3] debuff(s)
  • The Outsiders
    • Attack bonus has been increased from [10%/20%] to [15%/30%]
  • Amazons
    • Effect chance has been increased from [25%/33%/50%] to [33%/50%/100%]
  • Suicide Squad
    • Critical Chance bonus has been increased from [5%/10%/15%] to [10%/20%/30%]
  • Birds of Prey
    • Power Gauge gained per dodge has been increased from [10%] to [15%]


  • Introducing Adventures
    Epic tales, characters, and battles await you in Adventures! Immerse yourself in a thrilling new DC story in Themyscira and relive Atlantis, while discovering more avenues to gather special epic Gear to strengthen your team’s power. Visit the Events menu, fulfill the requirements, and embark on a new Adventure today!
    • Atlantis – Dive into Aquaman’s epic quest to protect his kingdom from ultimate devastation! Follow his harrowing journey as he battles fear and doubt, rushing to stop a sinister force from enslaving his people and destroying Atlantis. Then, delve through the aftermath with Aqualad as he faces new revelations and must decide where his true loyalties lie… 
    • Themyscira: Venture Into Doom – Step foot into the heart of Themyscira once more as darkness looms on the horizon. In the wake of Trigon and Darkseid’s assaults on Earth, a new wickedness emerges – Nekron, the ominous Lord of the Unliving. Beware, following Black Hand’s relentless undead assault, his sinister master descends to wipe the slate clean and threatens to imprison all living things in his grim domain!
  • Duplicate Passive
    • Exciting news! In addition to character shards, players now have two new currencies exclusively for upgrading passives: the 4-Star Duplicate Passive Currency and the 5-Star Duplicate Passive Currency. Look for them when visiting the store!


  • Character Upgrade Offer Revamp:
    • We’ve improved the Character Upgrade Offer! Prepare for a new experience as we redefine character upgrades with unique gear offers. For the first time ever, gear of purple and orange rarities will be available! These exclusive gear sets were previously inaccessible through our upgrade offers. 
    • The gear offers will be presented based on your player level, ensuring each upgrade is tailored to your journey.


  • Battle
    • Fixed an issue where barrier equipment would move behind enemies when hit
    • Fixed several issues causing softlocks 
  • Characters
    • Fixed an issue where flipped status effects always had a duration of 3 turns
    • Fixed Scarecrow’s passive ability to no longer overwrites vulnerability debuff durations
    • Darkseid’s power move icon now matches his attack (lasers!)
  • Events
    • Fixed an issue where moving between player level brackets could reset progress in an event
  • Guilds
    • Fixed an issue where the Batman raid boss would make holes on the gameboard
    • Fixed a camera issue that would occur when raid bosses are defeated in a tier
  • Marketplace
    • Darkseid’s shard icon now shows properly in the marketplace offer
  • PvP
    • Fixed an issue causing the daily leaderboard to appear empty after tapping the top 25 button
  • Subscription Offer
    • Fixed an issue where a player’s subscription storage state would be set as if they didn’t subscribe
  • Invite Friend
    • Fixed an issue where Invite Friend is not working in the Events hub
  • Various stability improvements and other minor bug fixes