Pack your bags and go on a Journey with your rider dragons while creating your own story line. You will have a mission to build Fishleg’s House which will be rewarded with Meatlug for free. If you already own Meatlug, you will receive 200 Runes instead.

The game offers you two options at a time. The end depends on the path you have taken. One journey consists of three crossroads. Sending the Riders' Dragons on Journeys will require Runes but when the journey is completed, you can acquire Eggs, Fish, Wood, Runes, Collection Items and Card Packs. By the end of the Journey you will see three kinds of rewards. Which one you will get decides the spinning wheel. Dragons that can only be found in Journey will only be available through a Journey and cannot be bought in the Book of Dragons.

The following Rider Dragons can take part in a Journey:

  • Hiccup with Toothless
  • Fishlegs with Meatlug
  • Astrid with Stormfly
  • Snotlout with Hookfang
  • Ruffnut & Tuffnut with Barf & Belch
  • Gobber with Grump