If you had your levels progress on an old device that connected to Facebook in the game and are trying to sync this progress to a new device, please reconnect your Facebook account in the game on the new device.

If you're having difficulties with your devices not syncing correctly, please update all your devices to the latest version of Genies and Gems. When new levels are released, all devices must be updated for them to load correctly.

Please note that your data is backed up only by connecting to Facebook. If you delete the game or lose your device without having connected to Facebook, you will not have a saved game.

If you are playing on a computer:

1. Please clear your browser's cache and cookies.
2. Ensure your browser is up to date and you have the latest drivers through websites like WhatIsMyBrowser.com
3. Make sure your browser's view setting is at 100%. If you zoom in, you may experience technical issues.
4. After trying these troubleshooting steps, close and reopen your browser.
5. If you're still having problems, please try playing on another browser. We recommend playing through Google Chrome.

If your games are up to date and your level progress is still not correct, or if you did not have your game previously connected to Facebook,  please submit a support ticket in the game, by tapping the "gear" icon on the map screen, and then "support," or you can open an online support ticket here.