When you link Genies and Gems to Facebook, your progress will be saved on Facebook's network. This is especially helpful if you play Genies and Gems across multiple devices, or if you have to get a new device, your progress will be automatically restored.

If you're using an iOS device, you can also save your progress using SIWA, or Sign in with Apple. Once you've connected an Apple ID in the game, this will sync your level progress to any other iOS device that is also logged into the same Apple account. Note that this will NOT sync progress on Mac computers when playing online through Facebook, because progress is stored with Facebook, and not through the Apple ID.

If you're using an Android device, the game may give the option to log in with a Google account, but this will not sync level progress, please connect to Facebook if you play on an Android device.

Please note, you will need to be signed into the same account to sync or restore progress, logging into different account on multiple devices or to restore progress on a new device will not work, and may result in lost progress.

It is important to know that coins, boosters, and lives are only available on one device. For example, if you have 200 coins on your phone, you won't have those coins on any other device you also use to play the game, even if they're connected to the same Facebook account.

If you're having difficulties with your devices not syncing correctly, please update all your devices to the latest version of Genies and Gems. When new levels are released, all devices must be updated for them to load correctly.

If your games are up to date and your levels still don't match, please try the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Turn your game and any other apps off so that they are no longer running in the background of your device.
  2. Disconnect your game from Facebook.
  3. Turn your device off and wait 10 seconds before you turn it back on.
  4. Reconnect your Facebook account to your game, verifying you're using the correct account.
  5. If these steps didn't work, please try them a second time and contact our support team if these are still not working.
If your games are up to date and your level progress is still not correct, or if you did not have your game previously connected to Facebook or your Apple ID,  please submit a support ticket in the game, by tapping the "gear" icon on the map screen, and then "support," or you can open an online support ticket here.