The Gilded Rainbow is one of the most powerful boosters in the game, and can be combined with other boosters to create even more powerful combinations. That said, even the Gilded Rainbow has limitations!

When you use a Rainbow on a regular gem, it will activate all the other gems of these same color that are currently on the game board, and will also activate the ability of any speciality gems of the same color as well. None of the other gems would be changed or altered, only activated.

Some of the gems may also disappear when using the rainbow booster, provided that these are just regular gems and if the gem the booster was used on was also a regular gem.

The rainbow booster only changes gems of the same color to another gem type when they don't already have another function, and using a rainbow booster on a paw acts the same as using the booster on a regular gem, and doesn't change any of the other gems to a paw.

For example, if you use rainbow on a red line gem, all the other regular red gems will change to a line, and any specialty gems (like a butterfly or a paw) will also activate as well, but these won't also change to a line gem.

The exception to this is using the rainbow on a butterfly gem when there are paws of the same color on the board as well. Because the paw gems act similarly to regular gems, the paws will activate and move to Trixi so he can move forward AND will create butterflies for each paw and regular gem.

Also combing two Gilded Rainbows together will create a powerful booster that clears the entire game board! Gemazing!