The items in your inventory (lives, coins, collections and boosters) are stored locally on your device. This is to prevent graphical errors and crashes/freezes.

If you want to ensure you get your coins, lives, collection or boosters on a specific device, make sure you use that device when you first collect or buy them. For example, if you'd like to accept lives from a friend and want them to show up on your mobile device, you'll need to accept these lives on your mobile device. This includes coins and boosters as well. If you purchase them on your mobile device, they'll only be available on your mobile device.

Although you're not able to transfer your items across multiple devices, if you upgrade to a new device, we can help with transferring your items. If you need help in transferring your items, please submit a support ticket, by tapping the "gear" icon on the map screen, and then "support," or you can open an online support ticket here.

Please make sure to include your player ID information and a detailed description of the issue when reaching out to us using the web form. The in-game support link will gather this information automatically, and this is the preferred method of contacting support.