If you have started, or completed, an offer, and need assistance with that offer, you can reach out to Tapjoy support through their in-app support menu within the Offer Wall.
1. Tap Reward Status
2. Select the offer you are having trouble with.
Note: You may have to wait a few hours before you are able to contact Tapjoy support
3. When available, tap "Request Support"
4. Input your email and then explain your issue in detail. Don't forget your User ID which can be found right below the "Request Support" button.
Note: be sure to read the FAQ before proceeding with the contact form, to make sure that you have all of the necessary information for Tapjoy to assist you.
Please be advised that the Reward Status menu is the only way to reach out to Tapjoy, and the offers in the Reward Status menu are only displayed for 30 days. If you need help with any of your offers, please reach out to Tapjoy as soon as possible to make sure you get assistance before the offer expires.