To permanently delete your account and personal information, please follow the steps below. For resetting your account or transferring your account to a new device, contact support though the in-game Help & Support or via email.
1. Open the game app
2. Navigate to the in-game settings menu
3. Tap the Delete Account button
This will bring you to the Helpshift message interface with an auto-generated message for you to send to Customer Support. From there, Support can help to delete your game account. Alternatively, you may reach out to support via email to to start this request.
Note: Deleting a game account does not disable auto-renewing subscriptions. If you have an active subscription, please be sure to cancel it through your Apple Device Settings:
1. Go to Settings
2. Tap your name
3. Tap Subscriptions
4. Tap the subscription you want to manage
5. Tap Cancel Subscription