Boosters will help you in special “boosted” events. Boosters can increase things like your attack power, block, and action points, or sabotage your opponent by lowering their defense or action points. Each raptor has a specific set of skills to help you out in battle.
  • Charlie: Offense - skills include increasing your attack points and lowering opponent’s block to give you an edge when attacking.
  • Echo: Sabotage - skills include removing opponent action points and any currently stored points in their reserve.
  • Delta: Support - skills include adding additional action points to your total and adding points to your reserve.
  • Blue: Defense - skills include adding additional Block points and armor to protect you from enemy attacks.
You can choose up to 4 boosters per battle, but beware, so can your opponent!
To examine a booster during battle, simply tap and hold the Booster icon - its text will be displayed and enlarged.