Like our regular VIP, the Fidelity Membership is a subscription.
This membership caters specifically to those players looking to get more Dino Bucks!
Fidelity membership auto-renews unless cancelled (except on Amazon which must be manually renewed).

There are currently, three duration offers available: 7-days (weekly), 30-days (monthly), or 90-days (3-months).

Upon signing-up, you get bonus Dino Bucks. After that, you can collect your daily Dino Bucks! Warning: If you don't claim, the Dino Bucks are lost that day!

Other benefits currently include:
DOUBLE the Dino Bucks for custom trades in the Trade Harbor
Exclusive Offers in Market, only for Fidelity Members

Sign up for the Fidelity Membership or Bold Fidelity Membership for more cash, and improved cash offers daily.

Both Fidelity Members and Bold Fidelity Members can claim exclusive cash rewards daily, however, Bold Fidelity Members do not need to sign in daily to collect their rewards.
If a Bold Fidelity Member misses a day the cash from that day is accumulated. Bold Fidelity Members can sign in anytime and never miss a reward!