Our team works hard to solve many bugs as quickly as possible, but some issues require a bit more investigation and time to find a solution.

Here is a list of known issues that are being actively worked on.  We will update this list regularly to keep you informed, and greatly appreciate your patience in the meantime!

To report a new issue or to contact Support, please submit a support ticket in-game via the Help menu or fill out the web form: https://jamcity.helpshift.com/hc/en/63-lovelink/contact-us/


Last updated:  06/20/2022


Conversation Options Disappear After Adding Reaction
The team is working to restore your full conversation history to you.  You can continue your stories as usual but if you would like to make a certain choice, we recommend making the choice first before selecting an emoji reaction.
Infinite Loading Screen After Updating to Version 2.2.3

We are aware of an issue that is preventing some players from entering the game.  Please write in to support with your Support Key so that we can investigate this further.
Can't Make a Choice in Dates
We are currently investigating an issue that is preventing you from completing certain dates, and are working hard to have this resolved as soon as possible.  For any dates that you are having trouble completing, you can exit the date for now and resume progress once we have a fix confirmed.
Profile Getting Stuck in "See Who Likes You"

If you are reaching the end of available profiles, the timer may be resetting on the same profile in the VIP section.  This may prevent you from matching with that profile or their counterpart in the regular swiping section.  You can unmatch profiles you may not be currently chatting with to repopulate your stack — don't worry, your progress will resume if you decide to match with them again.

This feature is currently under review by our developers and we are searching for a long-term solution.

Unable to Resume Conversation After Notification

You may have received a notification from Skylar or Jaden, only to find out that they are offline when you enter the conversation. This issue tends to resolve itself after a few days, and you should be able to resume your progress as usual.


Trouble Saving Profile in Wardrobe / Profile Appears Blank
You should now be able to save your profile in the wardrobe without issue after updating to version 2.2.3!  If your profile isn't loading properly, or if you aren't able to save your changes, please let our team know.
Not Able to Start Date with Dr. Vile (Error L1-5)
Our team was able to fix this quickly, so you should be able to continue the story as usual!