We have compiled a list of known issues below. Should you encounter an issue that is not listed below, feel free to reach out to us at https://jamcity.helpshift.com/hc/en/64-ninja-turtles-legends/

Last Updated: 2022.05.10

Dojo Machine Unlock Timer Issues
The Dojo Machine is a Subscription feature that progressively unlocks for subsequent months subscribed. If you are experiencing issues with one of your Dojo Machines unlocking or are experiencing issues with the timer, please write in to us so we can try to fix the issue for your account. Be sure to include a screenshot of your current Dojo Machine timer progress.

Level Reduced to 2
This save issue appears in two forms. Your progress level reduces to 2 but your characters retain their levels. This will return you to the tutorial with a Leonardo higher than level 3. Alternatively, your Leonardo's level reduces to 2 but your progress level remains the same. Please contact support with a screenshot of the issue so that we may offer some assistance to help you continue playing.

Graphic Violenge Challenge Freeze
When facing Boss Mouser in various stages of this challenge, players have reported experiencing a freeze and are unable to complete the stage. Please contact support with the stage number that you were unable to complete.