The character Status Bar can tell you a lot about characters in battle. It appears above each character's head. You can find information about the character's Class, Level, Focus, Health, Class Advantage, and Status Effects.
  • Character Class is indicated by the color of the hexagon.
  • The number inside the hexagon is the current Character Level.
  • The Focus Meter fills around the hexagon. Once it is full, the character is ready to attack!
  • The Health Meter displays the character's health in green.
  • On your turn, the Class Advantage arrow will appear under enemy Health Meters. An advantage against an enemy appears as a green arrow and a disadvantage appears as a red arrow. Class Advantage can also be viewed in battle by pressing the Pause Menu gear icon.
  • Buffs and Debuffs of Power Moves appear above the Health Meter. Buffs will appear as a green icon, whereas Debuffs will appear as a red icon.