The rules for Special Collection rooms differ from regular Bingo. In these rooms, you try to find hidden items by daubing called numbers. When you reveal all 5 of the hidden items on a single card you get a Bingo, even if you haven’t daubed a straight line! There are no Double, Triple or Mega Bingos in these Rooms.
Each hidden item you find pays out coins or cherries. There are common, uncommon, rare, very rare, and legendary items. The more rare the item is, the better the payout! You can increase your chances of getting rare items by placing bigger bets. You can check the payouts for each rarity by tapping Collection Payouts in the Card Selection screen.
Collecting the hidden items can also earn you Stars - for every 50 Stars earned, you’ll gain a +1 Daily Bonus reward that increases the Cherries in your Jar. Select the Collection tab to see your progress in finding the different items!
For more information on Stars, see "What do the Stars mean in Treasure Temple, Gone Fishin’ and Toucan Tango"?