After selecting your Bingo cards, you’ll be given the option to select a Standard Draw (typically 500 Coins) or Premium Draw (typically 4000 coins) of 3 Powerups to bring into a round with you. 

Standard and Premium draw Powerups pull from the same pool of Powerups, however, the Premium option increases your chances of finding Rare and Epic Powerups!​
If you are not happy with your first set of 3 Powerups, you can draw again as many times as you wish, then use the arrows on either side of your Powerups to choose the best set of 3. Remember, each draw costs Coins, but you can only keep one set of 3 Powerups to use in the round - so draw wisely!
Once you’re in the round, you’ll see a circular Powerup meter at the top of the screen (to the right of where the called numbers appear) and each number called will fill up a section of the meter. Once the Powerup meter is filled, the Powerup will automatically be released and drop onto your Cards.