You can collect free Daily Bonus Cherries every day! Just tap on your Cherry Jar at the bottom right of the Lobby screen, then tap “Collect” in the pop-up screen. You can even increase the amount of Cherries you receive from your Daily Bonus by completing the Puzzles and Special Collections available in various Bingo Pop rooms!
You can win Cherries by:
  • Winning a Bingo
  • Daubing a Bonus Cherry Tile (Tip: find more Cherry Tiles in the high level rooms!)
  • Completing tiers on Collection Events
  • Completing certain Daily & Special Goals
  • Claw, Arcade, Fish Machine Events
You can earn additional Cherries by:
  • Leveling up Pet Sets and maxing out each Pets
  • Joining a Club to collect your Daily Club Bonus of Cherries
  • Increasing your Level (level up faster by daubing XP Tiles!)
  • Opening Gifts from your Friends
  • If you’re on an iOS or Android device, watching Video Ads from the Daily Bonus jar
  • Opening Card Packs and completing Card Sets
  • Completing Lockbox sets
  • Using Adventure Energy for Free Spins in the Adventures (Star Spin, Jungle Quest, Food Truck, Winter Rescue)
  • Visiting our Facebook page and  participating in giveaways:
You can also purchase Cherries by tapping on the green "+" icon next to your Cherry totals in the lobby, or by tapping on "BUY!".