Open Card Packs, Collect Cards, and Get Rewarded!

When you purchase or obtain Card Packs, it will be added to your account immediately. Your Card Packs are found in the "CARDS!" event screen where you can open all your Card Packs, and view your Card Collection progress.


There are 4 different Card Packs:
- Standard (light blue) - Includes 1 Tradable Card & 1 Rewarded Card
- Common (red) - Includes 2 Tradable Cards & 2 Rewarded Cards
- Rare (blue) - Includes 3 Tradable Cards & 4 Rewarded Cards
- Epic (yellow) - Includes 3 Tradable Cards & 7 Rewarded Cards

Rewarded Cards give you either Cherries, Coins, or Machine Tickets, and these Cards are not part of the Tradable Cards Set.

Cards that you have not collected yet will appear as a silhouette. Once you collect the card, it will reveal the actual image with color.

Tradable Card Sets
You can trade Cards between friends and Club members to help each other out! Tradable Card Sets are labelled to help identify which Cards can be traded.

To request for a card, tap on the blue "Request" button of the Card you still need. This button will send a request via the in-game mailbox to all your Bingo Pop friends and Club members.

If you have any spare Cards, you can "Send" the Card to the friend or Cub member. Currently, you can only send Cards one at a time from the Card Set screen.
Tradable Cards that are sent by other players can be found in your mailbox to collect.

You can view your Sets from the Card Collection Event screen. The "View Sets" button is located on the bottom-right of this event screen and it will display all available Card Sets. You can click into each set to see your collection progress!

For each Card Set that you complete, you'll be able to claim the bonus "Completion Reward". To top it off, there is a GRAND prize if you can complete ALL Card Sets.