If you haven't joined a Club yet, you can either create one or join one that's already made!

There are two types of Clubs; Private, and Public. You can apply to a private Club or join a public Club.

"Apply" means you will have to wait for the Owner or Admin of the Club to accept your application, as the Club is set to private. People often choose to make their Clubs private.

"Join" means the Club is public and you can join straight away without waiting for approval.

If you have a Club in mind to join, you can also look up the club specifically using the "search" tab. If you want to join an active club, we recommend visiting our Facebook page - Some of our more active players like to recruit new members there!

Benefits of joining a Club:
  • Collect Daily Bonus Cherries
  • Access Club Events, Leagues, exclusive sales
  • Make new friends and exchange gifts daily
  • Club chat - You can chat with other players in your Club!