List of Adventures: Star Spin, Jungle Quest, Food Truck, Winter Rescue, Lemonade Stand

What's the free spin at the start of a new Adventure?
When a new Adventure starts, a free dice roll is automatically applied when entering the Event. This will give you a head start for each level you begin.

Do Adventure Energy carry over?
Adventure Energy do not carry over to the next Adventure Event! Please make sure you redeem all your Energy before the Event ends. When a new Adventure begins, everyone starts on a clean slate.

"I rolled a 6 but only needed 1 to complete the first level. What happened to the remaining 5?"
Dice rolls are only applied to your current level and do not carry over to the next. In this situation, the remaining 5 will not count towards the second level.

How many Energy is needed for a free spin?
Collect a total of 10 Adventure Energy for 1 Free Spin in the Adventures!