Unfortunately Bingo Pop may have trouble running on devices with lower RAM. We recommend playing on a device with at least 2GB of RAM, however, crashes can still be caused by other various factors.  Please be assured that our team is looking into this, and we will continue to optimize Bingo Pop so that it better interacts on devices with lower RAM.

To help alleviate the frequent crashing or freezing, we recommend restarting your device occassionally (powering down then back on). While playing Bingo Pop, we also recommend closing out any other applications running in the background to help minimize the RAM usage.

In the meantime, if you experience an unexpected shutdown or freezing that results in the closure of your game and you weren't offered a Game Resume round on your return, please contact Support with the general details of the Bingo round:

  • What was the date and time when this occurred, to the best of your memory?
  • Which Bingo room were you playing in, with how many cards?
  • How many Cherries and Coins did you bet to play?