If you are using an iOS device to play Jurassic World Alive, it is likely you have connected your game to a Game Center account. As of iOS 11, Game Center will automatically connect to Jurassic World Alive, unless you opt to sign out of your Game Center account from your device’s Settings before you launch the Jurassic World Alive app for the first time.
Signing your device out of Game Center after your Game Center account has connected to Jurassic World Alive could cause you to begin a new game when you launch Jurassic World Alive. In order to connect to your Jurassic World Alive game, you will need to sign back into the Game Center account it was connected to.
A message titled “Switching Accounts” will appear if you launch the app after you sign out of an account (Game Center, Google Play, or Facebook) that is connected to your Jurassic World Alive game. This message will ask you if you would like to sign back into your game. Please read this message, if the account listed under “To” is your game, selecting the “Confirm” button will bring you back into that game.
If you are unable to reconnect to your game after following the provided information, please contact our support team. We are always happy to assist you with connecting to your game!