Daily Missions are daily tasks given to you by the DPG to earn rewards upon completion! To view your Daily Missions, tap on the DPG logo in the top-right corner of your screen.

All DPG Members start their mission career with easy goals. Keep completing them and you’ll rank up quick, and gain more rewards for your effort!

Your list of missions can vary every day and relate to many different activities, such as battling and earning DNA. A well-rounded player can complete them all!  As you progress, you can even get more missions per day. You’ll have 24 hours to complete your missions. Uncompleted missions have their progression reset every day.

Daily Bonus Reward:

Each completed mission also gives progress towards your Daily Bonus Reward. If you complete all Daily Missions, you will also receive extra DNA as a reward. The amount will depend on your Streak from completing missions each day. Over time, you’ll notice that the Daily Bonus Reward increases with the number of Missions and the Difficulty. Reach Streak 45 to earn 100 DNA! 

Be quick though as progress towards your Daily Bonus Reward is reset every 24 hours and the streak will decrease if you fail to complete and claim all mission rewards. The Daily Bonus Reward will change every once in a while so keep checking for some surprises!