You think you have the right candidate for the DPG? You can now Mentor up to three friends with the Recruits feature, and gain special rewards together!

To use the Recruits feature, access the Social button and click on the “Recruits” tab. Select “Recruit a Friend” to open your device's native share. A link to Jurassic World Alive will be generated once you have selected your preferred messaging method inside native share. Send this link to a friend while still inside native share. If they are eligible they will become your Recruit, and you will become their Mentor!

In order to be eligible, a Recruit must:

- Not have played the game for the last 90 days, be under level 5 and never had a mentor.
- Be a new player, who has never installed JWA on their device.
- Receive a link that was sent directly from Native Share inside Jurassic World Alive. If a link is copy/pasted outside of the provided native share options it will not work.

If your friend successfully receives a Recruit link, and is an eligible Recruit, they will be added to your Recruits list. When this happens you will become their Mentor, and you will be added to each others Friend lists.

Remember, you cannot remove a Recruit from your Recruits list, and you cannot have more than 3 Recruits. When you send a Recruit link, one of your Recruit slots will populate with a Pending Recruit. Your Pending Recruit has a limited time to accept the link you sent. If they do not accept in time, or are not eligible, the slot will free up again. 
Please note that clicking outside the link generator box will lock one of your recruit spots for three days. It is designed this way in order to prevent multiple recruit link creation, exploits and spam.