Stat Boost Refund Tokens are here for a limited time! Spend a Token on a single creature and retrieve all Health, Attack or Speed Stat Boosts placed on that creature with no refund penalty!

In this update, Tokens will be distributed as Alliance Championship rewards (starting from a specific Tier). Collect them now, because these Tokens will not be made available with each Championship.
Once collected, Tokens will be stored in your Inventory. There is room in your Inventory for up to 1 of each Token type. If you collect another Token on top of the 1 stored in your Inventory of that same type, it will be sent to your Mailbox instead. Tokens sent to the Mailbox will expire after 30 days. Head to the Lab and spend the Token you have before you can add the second to your inventory!

Whether you’re preparing for the next Raid Boss or heading into PVP, Tokens will help you boost the right creatures for battle!