The Pass is a new way to earn exclusive rewards and accelerate your progress in Jurassic World Alive!
These rewards include valuable items such as DNA, scent capsules, and even exclusive Skins for your creatures!

Each Pass will last roughly 30 days. All players above Level 3 can participate by accessing the Pass button underneath the DPG icon on the Map.
Players progress in the Pass by collecting Pass Data. Pass Data is earned as rewards on Daily Missions, and new Weekly, Monthly and Special missions in your Missions menu!
Complete as many missions as you can while the Pass is active to level up your Pass progress bar. Each time you level up, you can collect a new reward! Reach the final Pass level before the Pass ends to collect all the rewards!
The higher you reach in the Pass, the better your rewards. There are many ways to increase your Pass level alongside earning Pass Data. You can fast track your Pass progression with Cash Unlocks, and Players who want access to even more rewards can purchase the Premium or Grand Premium tracks in the Pass menu for a bonus mission track and huge prizes!