Now that the game modes no longer assume that we play one creature against another, we had two choices: let the users target manually (and potentially lose abilities if the target was no longer valid by the time their creature acted), or auto-target. We opted for auto-targeting, which ensures that an ability will always target someone (unless a whole team is defeated!)

Each of a creature’s ability behaviours can target based on the following rules:

- Highest/Lowest Current HP
- Highest/Lowest Current Speed
- Highest/Lowest Current Damage
- Highest number of applied Positive Status Effects (Buffs)
- Random (one or more targets picked at random; no target may be selected more than once)
Area of Effect (all targets of a given team–an area of effect attack still counts as a single attack, no matter how many targets were hit)

A creature’s target is determined when that creature plays. This means that in between the time that you select your ability and the time when the ability is played, the expected target could change. For instance, if you target fastest, and that Velociraptor is decelerated below another opponent by the time you get to act, your “target fastest” will not target the Velociraptor.

In case of a targeting tie, the last to act (between the tied candidates) is chosen.


Usually Armor Piercing, Defense Shattering, and Definite Rampages will target the highest HP targets.

Usually, Strikes and Impacts target the lowest HP target (to let players steer the current round towards a confirmed takedown instead of spreading damage over the highest HP opponents). This gives you very strong reasons to field creatures that have Impacts instead of Rampages. It is also useful to use your Strike instead of your Rampage if it means confirming a minion takedown.

This way you can surmise that using defense-bypassing Rampages will usually target the Boss, and Strikes will usually target the Minions, since Minions have lower max HP than the Boss!


Rampage and Pounce target the lowest HP creature, attempting to finish the job.

Attacks that attempt to perform a specific debuff on their ideal target will also go against the lowest/highest HP philosophy. Nullifying will strike and Nullify the opponent with the highest number of active positive effects while Deceleration will attempt to strike and Decelerate the fastest opponent target. Most Distraction effects target the highest damage opponent.