Unlike normal Supply Drops, Event Supply Drops are for limited-time events that will offer special rewards. Event Supply Drops are colored green and paired with a Featured Creature. Please note that the maximum cap for regular Supply Drop still applies. 

Featured Creatures and Drone Attempts

If you see an Event Supply Drop without a Featured Creature, it means the Creature hasn't spawned yet but will eventually. The Featured Creatures will change daily or after several days based on the Event Calendar, publisehd on social media and the in-game News Center. 

You have a limited number of Drone attempts to collect DNA from the Featured Creatures, so make them count! Drone attempts and spawn time will vary based on the creature’s rarity. 

The Attempts count are shared among creatures of the same rarity. Each Creature does not have it's own individual Attempt count.

Creatures will respawn after a certain allotted amount of time. The respawn time for Featured Creatures only affects the Event Supply Drop you collect it from. If others are around, you can still collect more DNA!